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We are dedicated professional cat sitters. We love and care for your cats as if they are our very own.

By listening to your cat needs and “tuning in” to their emotional state while they are under our care. We are better able to give them what they need to feel satisfied and comffortable while you are away.

Kitties needs a lot of loving home care. They eat frequently and requite physical stimulation and interaction as well as clean up. Because during the early stages of kittenhood, experience and interaction shape their personality for life.

Your cat gets our undivided tender loving care and attention during our visit. We will bring toys to play with them, we will brush your cats, feed and change their litterbox.

During your vacation or business trips, we will keep your cat company with dinner and breakfast, well cared for and pampered.

We are skilled in a range of pet care services. Our staff will escort your pet to his/her for grooming or a visit to the vet, whatever time or purpose we will fill your needs.

If you have any other small animals, ie fishes, birds, rabbits etc.
I care for these too at no extra cost.